Our Story

This range is the brainchild of Deb Donkers, founder of The Spa Beechworth and mother of two from rural North East Victoria. With two decades of experience in the skincare industry and a lifelong passion for wellbeing, Deb felt that she had something special to share, and in 2014 The Spa Beechworth range was launched into the spa.

From the very start, we asked ourselves “why create another product range when there are already so many amazing products on the market?” The defining moment where the range went from an idea to creating recipes was when Debs’ son began showing signs of intolerance to multiple foods. Whilst we knew this was a reality for many of our guests there was no greater motivation than when it became personal – so we decided to find solutions for everyone. We have worked tirelessly to make sure this product range used beautiful high quality ingredients, had distinctive smells, focused on Australian influences and could be used by all.

Our guests continuously inspire us with all of our creations, all products are first tested and used in our spa which gives us genuine user feedback. Originally designed as a spa exclusive range, our product took on its own journey when people started experiencing it in treatments and we were continuously asked by people how they could get their hands on it – and how they could on-sell it. So here we are – we’ve taken the leap, and now we proudly offer our range for wholesale.